Enriching life and sharpening business acumen through one-on-one coaching, team coaching, and communications consulting


The Beauty of Life and the Success of Work by Design

Fulfillment. Purpose. Presence. Creativity. Spiritual awareness. Beauty. Love. Contribution and service. Creating and living an uncompromising, sustainable life style that includes rich, nurturing, and rewarding work.

Those who are already actively on this path and those who are returning to it with renewed intention continually seek out new tools to serve them on their journeys. More and more, the tool of choice is coaching:

Coaching for life enrichment

Coaching for entreprenurial and business success

Coaching for leadership

Coaching for coaches

Coaching for Life Enrichment

Life enrichment coaching is one-on-one whole life coaching that takes one of the following forms:

Individual coaching is a mutually-designed, ongoing coaching relationship that involves visioning, clarifying vaulues, desires, and goals, creating plans, taking fulfilling action based on conscious, resonant choice, and deepening awareness through success and failure.

Spot coaching is a la carte coaching for individuals who want to bring conscious choice, focus, and intention to specific aspects or events in their lives without committing to an ongoing coaching relationship.

Coaching for Business Acumen

Coaching for business acumen (sharpness, wisdom, and brilliance) is whole life coaching with emphasis and focus on business development, planning, strategies, and intra-and inter-business relationships. Business acumen coaching takes one of the following forms:

Leadership coaching: one-on-one coaching that addresses the unique needs of business and organizational leaders, CEOs, executives, and high-level managers.

Ownership coaching: individual or partnered coaching that focuses on the specific concerns, desires, and goals of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Team coaching: one-one-one coaching and group coaching for intra- and interdepartmental groups working on shared projects and goals.

Coaching for coaches: one-on-one or duo-coaching for coaches in certification training, and one-on-one coaching for experienced coaches who demand excellence from and for themselves, and who therefore expect the the best from their own coaches.

Communications Consulting

The single, greatest, and most silent killer in business organizations is the failure to engage in effective, efficient, and shared communication within the organization itself. Business communications consulting from BladeDancer Coaching and Consulting applies coaching commmunications principles to:

Analysis, examining current business communications styles and practices in the light of desired outcomes to determine both what works and what doesn't.

Planning, modifying and devising communication practices that aid the business environment and improve business success.

Implementation, putting more efficient communications plans into effect and adapting them to the realities of running a business day-to-day.

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