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Communications Consulting

The single, greatest danger to business success and survival, especially in tough economic times, is the failure to engage in effective, efficient, and shared communication within the organization itself. Business communications consulting from BladeDancer Coaching and Consulting applies coaching commmunications principles to:

  • Analysis examining current business communications styles and practices in the light of perceived issues and desired outcomes to determine both what works and what doesn't. 
  • Planning, tailoring business-specific coaching-based communication practices to facilitate open, efficient, and honest communication that significantly improves business success. 
  • Implementation, putting more efficient communications plans into effect and adapting them to the realities of running a business day-to-day. 


The first step to improving business communication is to understand current practices, including real, perceived, and unnoticed communications practices, and to understand the unique and desired communications goals of your organization. BladeDancer Coaching and Consulting conducts data gathering through interviews, observation, and metrics to assess current communications practices in light of perceived issues and desired outcomes.


After a conmplete analysis of current communications practices and desired outcomes, BladeDancer Coaching and Consulting makes a detailed report of current practices, amakes recommendations for improved communications based on sound coaching communications principlesa, and works directly with you to create a business communications plan tailored to your communications needs.


Optionally, you can retain BladeDancer Coaching and Consulting services when you put your new business communications plan into action. Unlike most consulting services, BladeDancer Coaching and Consulting is available to offer coaching, training, feedback, and support services in the light of actual practice and intention, including working with and adapting to the natural resistance any organization experiences in the face of change and new practices.


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