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Coaching for Life Enrichment

Coaching for life enrichment supports you in creating and living in greater fulfillment in all areas of your life. Magic and brilliance happen when you embrace the power of conscious choice. Whether you decide to pursue your creative and spiritual passions with renewed vigor, find a more nourishing balance between your professional and personal lives, embrace a sustainable and green life style, or answer the longing call of your own dreams, whatever they may be, coaching brdiges the gap between merely speaking these words and living them. Step into the infinite possibilities of your life today with:

Individual Coaching

Choose individual coaching when you're fully committed to yourself to create significant, lasting, and fulfilling change in your life.

Individual coaching is an ongoing relationship that offers you a clear, gently supportive, nonjudgmental, but firmly rigorous place to explore and design your life, to create and take powerful action from the place of resonant choice, and to learn from your experience for the sake of even greater fulfillment.

Individual coaching begins with a design session, and continues with three 40-minute telephone coaching sessions a month for an initial commitment of six months to one year, during which time you design the life and change you want to create, implement your design, adjust your plans to accommodate your expanding vision of yourself, and clear hurdles and obstacles to success when they appear.

Take the first step today to more conscious and fulfilling whole-life living. Contact BladeDancer Coaching and Consulting to arrange a complimentary sample coaching session.

Spot Coaching

Choose spot coaching for those occasional moments in life when there are hard, but exciting decisions to make; when you're at a crossroads; when you're swamped with opinions, judgements, and advice. At times like this you want a clear, nonjudgemental, and supportive environment in which to examine and make choices.

Spot coaching is ideal when you anticipate an occasional, temporary, or situational need for the insight, clarity, and motivation of coaching.

Spot coaching begins with a free but mandatory one-time introduction to coaching, and continues with a package of one, five, or ten prepaid, 30-minute on-demand coaching sessions that you schedule only as you need them.

To buy blocks of one, five, or ten prepaid spot coaching sessions, contact BladeDancer Coaching and Consulting.